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Images taken while walking the Tramway route
Images taken while walking the Tramway route
rsz_p1070287 rev a

Great Short Walk

rsz_p1090837 reva

Perseverance Reserve

rsz_p1090336 rev a

Near Roger's place

rsz_p1090371 rev a

Location of points

rsz_p1090503 rev a

Bill holding a splice plate

Heading down towards Shearer Road

rsz_p1090402 rev a

Dry weather section of National Park Road

Heading up through Reg Blanck's property

rsz_p1090810 rev a

As viewed from Blanck Road

rsz_p1090442 rev a

Near the Ravensbourne Sports Ground

rsz_p1090447 rev a

View over the gate beside Uniting Church

rsz_p1090451 rev a

Looking back toward the Uniting Church

rsz_p1090463 rev a

View from the Road Reserve near Archie Zroft's old property

rsz_p1090476 rev a

Exiting the property formerly owned by Archie Zroft

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